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This was a revelation to Dobrasko.

Later, at USC, she studied under a professor interested in architecture related to segregation. And, delving into the topic, she discovered that very little had been written about this notch on the timeline of civil rights; she found an article from Georgia, one from Mississippi, and virtually nothing about South Carolina. Alumni of the Levister Elementary School in Aynor, South Carolina, gather for the marker dedication for their school just right of center.

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In the s, throughout the south, lawsuits were piling up in response to Plessy v. Even more threatening to white supremacists in South Carolina: One lawsuit had been rolled into the collection of suits that was Brown v. Board of Education , which would ultimately make segregation illegal. Initially, Briggs v.

Equalization Schools: A Lesson in Education and Civil Rights

To pay for the schools, the state established its first permanent sales tax. The state built hundreds of new schools for African-American students, and -- partly of necessity, as small schools were closed and consolidated -- launched its first transportation program for African-American children, who previously had to walk to their sub-par school. Schools built in that time are of a style that we all recognize today: Low, one-story brick buildings, flat roofs, lots of windows.

The use of light was a big thing: You have these windows or glass blocks that help diffuse light into the building. If there was a corridor, they put skylights in. A lot of thought went to play and outdoors. Some had classrooms that opened directly outside to exterior hallways, or opened onto a courtyard. But Dobrasko also found numerous documented cases of snazzy-looking new schools with no desks, with libraries devoid of books, science labs with no equipment.

Yankees blast six homers in 14-7 win - Yankees-Rangers Game Highlights 9/27/19

Schools lacked gyms, football fields, extracurricular activities. If you're not a Texan or a southerner, you're a Yankee and therefore, to many Texans, suspect. There are many rites of passage to being a Yankee in Texas: the first time you spot a pickup with a gun rack; the first time you realize that a week is a long time to go without Mexican food; the first time you recognize a change in seasons; your first thunderstorm; your first honky-tonk.

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Culture Shock in Texas can be intense and is exacerbate by local rules of propriety that tell us to keep out mouths shut. But here in this book we are going to talk all about it with good old Yankee outspokenness. We'll clear the air, share experiences, orient newcomers, and have some good laughs.

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Overview In Texas "Yankee" is a loose term covering a lot of ground. Show More.

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