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Uptown Dallas' landmark Quadrangle shopping center hits the market

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One Foot in the Grave - S01E05 - The Eternal Quadrangle

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Join Now. Which brings us to the 45 th parallel, the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator. It runs through Northern Michigan—northeast of Traverse City—where Lagina found shale that contained natural gas.

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So as a law student, he took leases and drilled wells. By , he founded Terra Energy, an oil and natural gas production company.

By , after selling his company, Lagina craved new challenges. Heritage could take all his time, but Lagina has other interests.

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He says hiring good people frees him up for things like The Curse of Oak Island. When portions of the island which happen to lie near the 45 th parallel came up for sale, the Laginas and their business partners snapped them up. In , History began filming the show, in which Rick, Marty, and his son, Alex, try to solve the year-old mystery of the buried treasure.