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Supreme Court of Virginia Opinions

Well that debate can officially be put to rest. Congratulations to the red salamander. Make Virginia proud.

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An agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia search form. The big tax issue is whether Virginia should follow its usual practice of conforming to the federal tax code. Any action on that would have to happen quickly since taxpayers are preparing to file, but it has become controversial since the federal GOP tax bill that took effect in would lead to some higher state taxes for people taking a standard deduction.

Virginia Gov.

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Ralph Northam, a Democrat, has proposed using some of that money to provide tax breaks to low-income Virginians and use additional funding to pay for a variety of priorities , including additional raises for teachers. Republican proposals also include additional ability to itemize deductions on state returns.

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  • Those bills would remove previously set triggers to change other taxes when online sales taxes were approved. County governments could also get additional taxation authority that only cities have today, and local governments could be permitted to add local sales taxes if the money is designated for school construction and the tax is approved in a voter referendum.

    Virginia - Capital, Facts & Statehood - HISTORY

    There are also again several proposals to allow or require a 5-cent fee for plastic bags at stores. Similar to the programs in D.

    Weird Laws: Virginia

    Other environmental bills include proposals to finally close coal ash ponds in the state , but allow Dominion to charge customers for the costs.