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It is great that she is retiring because she wants to have a family but I don't think a musician as great and popular as her can ever retire, let alone so early in life and career. She could've just meant taking a break from stardom and music.

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A break she very It's good to see that Louis Tomlinson is finally getting to make the kind of music he wants to make. His recent single 'Kill My Mind' has amazing chorus which is very catchy. It is high energy and you can't help but move to the tune.

We thought this puppy was dead. Watch her incredible recovery!

And it great to finally hear his sound. I think Camila Cabello is one of the most gifted singers. Her songs just stand out in one way or another with either the lyric or the tune or just the concept and idea if the song. Her newest singles Shameless and Liar brings no disappointment. Liar has a great groove to it. Stand-up comedians, sometimes, try too hard that I can't do anything but cringe. There are very little who are natural and can do it without trying too hard to act cool. I hate when comedian are talking in English but then suddenly switch or bring references from other languages, mostly hindi while cracking jokes.

I will be the person in the audience who won't be laughing or just fake laughing because I haven't understood the joke. I love when people get innovative while presenting their shows. Including music in the performance just makes it way better, especially for a music lover. Alex in wonderland, a stand-up comedy performance in English and Tamil which includes a lot of instruments and singing is one of the best I've seen in a It honestly needs more appreciation. It's great to see India taking over the world and making their mark on international talent shows and dance shows such as America's got Talent and such.

It is always nice to see someone representing your country making it big somewhere else while also breaking the toxic stereotypes. It has been one year since the judgement on section was given, decriminalising consensual same-sex relationships. But how much has changed since then is the question.

Although, there seemed to be a greater awareness after the judgement was given, I don't think societal acceptance has changed all that We still have to go a long way in terms of societal progress. It's good that people are starting to question people of power who give racist remarks. Calling out Boris Johnson for his islamophobic and racist remarks in an article in the Parliament was something that needed to be done.

If people running the government are not for inclusivity, then they are not for the It is great to see that Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission has asked to bring in laws declaring eligibility for live in relationships. This is a true act towards progress in a society which is considered conservative. Laws such as these might make people reconsider their beliefs and opinions. I think the recent order issued by Delhi traffic police having to pay twice the charge if any traffic police gets caught violating traffic rules is good because we need them to act as role models instead of abuse their power.

It's easy for us and has become too common to say things about killing yourself and having a sad life. Even if it is meant as a joke, there are people around who could take the statement seriously. We need to be sensitive to our surroundings. We need to think twice before uttering such words because it Respect that is given to teachers by students is very minimal.

They deserve more than that. Only if you have enough respect for the teacher who is teaching it will you benefit from the education that is given in class. Education in school is going to do no good if there aren't qualified teachers to teach. Students can start disliking a subject just because of the teacher, their attitude or inability to teach effectively. So let's just not blame the syllabus structure but also the system for not recruiting capable teachers. You say you want to save tradition and culture from being destroyed but forcing people to do or follow something they don't completely understand or feel comfortable with is not saving.

You're just destroying their voice and individuality. Wearing traditional clothing nowadays have become to rare that we wear it once in a year on occasions. Even when we wear them, there is so much fuss, not to mention the very tiring photo session that will take place. Figure skating is one of the most elegant sports. To combine athletics with dancing and movements so graceful is just amazing to watch. I don't like using apps that offer free books, especially because they are pirated in the first place.

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We never realise how much loss the publication and writer undergo because of pirated version of books like these. Also, you just stop having the respect for books and reading that you once had. It's disgusting when someone uses their profession to misuse their power and harass people sexually, going against the ethics and morals of the profession itself.

Especially doctors of athletes and gymnasts who are in need of constant medical treatment. Sexual harassment in the guise of medical treatment is Wearing what we want is a huge part of self-expression. If you want to wear a 7 inch heel shoes and a dress and rock it like a boss, you can still do it.

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It's great to see people choosing an eco-friendly path to celebrate festivals. Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi this year with the clay-seed organic idol will sure make significant difference in the damage done to environment in the course of celebrating the festival. Honestly, Hasan Minaj's 'Patriot Act' is one of the best shows out there. It is not only comical but also gives us something to think about.

He is one of the best comedian who knows how to engage the audience and deliver to them. Every win is an opportunity for another woman to be given the resources and training she needs to reach maximum potential and participate in international level competitions. I think reading is a very important habit. You can read whatever you like, but it has to be a part of your day. It is also how you learn what is happening around you and expose yourself to different ideas. More you read, the more open-minded you become.

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If Greta thunberg got half the attention from media and people as Trump, there would have been immense change already. The sixteen year old didn't go on a two week voyage across Atlantic for vacation and if people noticed and acknowledged, there is a hope for the future. It's so interesting to watch award shows because the reaction of celebrities are so genuine and if it is not, it is clearly visible.

Add some performances to that and it is just a fun package. The Video Music Awards just made my day. The anticipation for performances and speeches is so high but I'm never It's so sad to hear that metropolitan cities like Chennai and Bangalore are running out of water already. Dystopian novels are coming to life in which the future generation would never have access to clean and fresh water. Just thinking about it is horrifying. I think US citizens need to understand and choose the president wisely during the next presidential elections. I believe people learn from their mistakes and I hope they see that Trump wasn't the best decision they made.

Every government has an impact on the other. And it is safe to say that most of Trump's Speculations of government and people burning the Amazon is more digestible than thinking about if the rainforest itself had become so dry that wildfires spread so fast.

How much more damage can we cause? It's sad how people can burn rainforest as if it is of no use.

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It is the primary source of oxygen and not doing anything about it for weeks while it was burning is just horrible. It makes me question the little bit of faith that I had on world governments and humanity. Disney animated movies being remade as live action films is a good thing. It puts the movie and the song back in charts and brings back memories. The talks of little mermaid possibly being the next movie to be remade is exciting. The thing about peer pressure is often we don't even realise that we are being pushed to do something.

The hints are so subtle that we believe we want it and we chose to do it. Songwriting can be such a therapeutic hobby. You get to put your thoughts out, into paper, while also acknowledging that they exist.

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Who cares if they don't rhyme? At the end of the day, they narrate a story, convey your thoughts and beliefs. Dancing without care alone or in a dark room is such a great therapy. Just move to the music and forget about the stress. There is no one to judge you or make you feel embarrassed. It's just you and music and it's just great. It has come to a point where we've started giving more importance to money than interest.

People worry too much about their future and saving up for it that they forget to live in the present and in the process losing their spirit for life.