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All the humans and creatures of the Blue Ridge Mountains are in terrible danger. For Serafina to defeat this new evil before it engulfs her beloved home, she must search deep inside herself and embrace the destiny that has always awaited her. Something has happened to Serafina. She has awoken into a darkness she does not understand, scarred from a terrible battle, only to find that life at Biltmore Estate has changed in unimaginable ways. Old friends do unthinkable things and enemies seem all around. A mysterious threat moves towards Biltmore, a force without a name, bringing with it violent storms and flooding that stands to uproot everything in its path.

Serafina must uncover the truth about what has happened to her and find a way to harness her strange new powers before it's too late. With only days to achieve the impossible, Serafina fights to reclaim herself as the Guardian of Biltmore, friend of Braeden, daughter of her Pa, and heroine of the Blue Ridge Mountains and all the folk and creatures that call it home.

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In the epic third installment of Robert Beatty's 1 bestselling series, Serafina takes her rightful place among literary champions as she battles fiercely to defend all she loves and become everything that she is meant to be. Serafina, the Guardian of Biltmore Estate, has won battle after battle against the dark forces encroaching on her home. Now, tranquility has returned to Biltmore. Serafina doesn't trust it. She patrols the grounds night and day, hardly sleeping, uncertain of her place after her best friend Braeden Vanderbilt's departure for boarding school in New York.

When Mr. Vanderbilt, the kind master of Biltmore, asks Serafina to move upstairs into one of the house's grandest rooms, she's sure it's to keep an eye on the guests who have arrived for the estate's annual hunt. But as Serafina investigates, she becomes more and more unsettled by what Biltmore has become-a place haunted by nameless terrors where no dark corridor is safe.


Even worse, she begins to doubt her own senses. Is Braeden really hundreds of miles away, or did he return to Biltmore for one strange night before vanishing? Is the bond between them truly broken or is it stronger than ever? Then Serafina witnesses a crime that turns her world upside down. How can all that once seemed good and worthy of protection now be evil? And how can she guard those around her when she can't even be sure of the truth of her own heart?

Serafina and the Seven Stars marks the return of a heroine like no other, as master storyteller Robert Beatty weaves his darkest, most astonishing tale yet. Serafina and the Black Cloak - Robert Beatty. Serafina and the Twisted Staff - Robert Beatty. Serafina and the Splintered Heart - Robert Beatty. Serafina and the Seven Stars - Robert Beatty. Amber Wilson Sep 6, at am. Annamaerie Grace Sep 5, at pm. Csordas Sandor Sep 6, at pm. Seanan McGuire - Indexing 1 - Indexing. Seanan McGuire - Indexing 2 - Reflections. Book Club pinned post 23 Aug at pm. Csordas Sandor Aug 23, at am. Iggulden - Empire of Salt Trilogy 1 - Darien.

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  • Iggulden - Empire of Salt Trilogy 2 - Shiang. Zain Shabry. Can u upload the high heels mysteries and the Hollywood headlines series by Gemma Halliday please? Amber Wilson Aug 23, at am. She tries to build a new life for herself, which includes getting to know Kayden, Ryker, Liam, and Finn, the hotties of the school. But after barely escaping an attack from a monster, Alivia soon discovers she comes from a family of demon slayers, and that she is next in line. Her days are now filled with learning to wield a sword and a crossbow, and hunting down the supernaturals that roam freely in the city.

    And the four hotties?

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    Not even when May, who has the unique talent of being able to hide in the shadows, has slipped from everyone else's sight. May, however, has little time for Gabriel - not when she's hiding from the May, however, has little time for Gabriel - not when she's hiding from the Otherworld law, hunting down a blackmailer, and trying to avoid a demon lord's demands. But her ability to withstand Gabriel's fire marks her as his mate, and he has no intention of letting her disappear into the darkness she seems to prefer.

    Then May is ordered to steal one of Gabriel's treasures - an immensely important relic of all dragonkin - and he must decide which to protect: his love or his dragons Mary mnredsky -. Twenty years ago shape shifters and announced themselves to the world only to be shunted into "Shiftertowns" and forced to wear collars that control their hunting and fighting instincts referred to as "Taking the Collar". Liam Morrissey, big cat-Shifter, is currently Kim Fraser, attorney, finds herself in the unique position of having to defend a Shifter on a murder charge. Kim ventures to Shiftertown to seek Liam's help and stumbles across too many secrets that the Shifters want kept secret.

    The unmated Liam is forced to protect Kim against the wrath of his clan leader and his own father, and to his surprise discovers a powerful attraction to the sassy, sexy lady. Salvatore Giuliani is not a happy werewolf. It's his duty as leader to track down the pureblood females who can keep his people from extinction. But the moment he catches scent of Harley, a pureblood held by a pack of mangy curs, his savage need for her obliterates all other instincts.

    And the only thing worse than being captured is finding that beautiful, independent Harley defiantly refuses to become his mate. Harley has been taught to distrust all Weres, especially their arrogant king.

    Wolves of Angels Rest: Books 1-4 Box Set Collection

    She won't be used for breeding or bonded against her will, not even to a man who makes every nerve tingle with awareness. Yet Salvatore is her key to saving the family she never knew she had--if she dares to succumb to his dark, predatory desire, and face a vicious enemy sworn to destroy them both Qiana A. JungleLily - ,. Welcome to Nocturne City, where werewolves, black magicians, and witches prowl the streets at night Among them is Luna Wilder, a tough-as-nails police officer whose job is to keep the peace.

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    As an Insoli werewolf, Luna travels without a pack and must rely on instinct alone. And she's And she's just been assigned to find the ruthless killer behind a string of ritualistic murders? But when she investigates prime suspect Dmitri Sandovsky, she can't resist his wolfish charms. Pack leader of a dangerous clan of Redbacks, Dimitri sends her animal instincts into overdrive and threatens her fiercely guarded independence. But Luna and Dimiri will need to rely on each other as they're plunged into an ancient demon underworld and pitted against an expert black magician with the power to enslave them for eternity Melanie D.

    One woman's mission to bring down a sexy elemental shifter turns into a battle of wills.

    Seven Psychics - Shifter Squad #1 - Read book online for free

    Hostage recovery specialist Eli Chance has a secret. He was born a shifter. A freak of nature. While on a mission, Eli's men and their mercenary guide are exposed to a powerful While on a mission, Eli's men and their mercenary guide are exposed to a powerful chemical agent, and suddenly his secret has become easier to hide. Now he's not the only one with the gift. But for his men, this "gift" is becoming more and more of a curse. Tyana Berezovsky's brother Damiano was the guide for Eli's team and was the worst affected by the chemical.

    As he grows increasingly unstable, Tyana fears she's going to lose him to the beast he is becoming. Tyana will do whatever it takes to help him, even if it means using her body to go after the one man she thinks holds all the blame -- and possibly the cure. Eli Chance. Her plan doesn't include falling for Tony, the mysterious hit man she hires.

    He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her He listens when she speaks and somehow convinces her that maybe her problems aren't entirely insurmountable.