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Since then, she has dedicated herself to developing expertise with teaching younger children than she had ever taught previously and to founding and growing a new choral ensemble - the Hochstein Little Singers - for very young children, grades K More recently she became Chair of the department and has provided invaluable guidance and support for our work with a city charter school as well as for a partnership for pre-K students from city YMCA child care centers.

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Thank you Alice, for all you do to inspire joy in making music with the children you teach, and for reminding us of that same joy inside each of us. We're so grateful for all you've done to help our School and our students thrive. You can find it all here!

Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone (Tommer Mizrahi 2017 Remix)

Contrast meet, and the city is her mirror and at the same time her unruly, chaotic base, and the music is the place where she rests. With her clear and pitch-perfect voice, heartfelt lyricism and minimal sound, she has created a harmonic and inspiring while of music not sure you can write that , in a world full of chaos.

In the winter, she travels to exotic places like Thailand and India and shares her music as well. When she moved to Berlin in , she began to play on the streets to pay for rent and connect with her audience, she got invited to play concerts, weddings, pubs, composed for modern dance pieces and festivals, tested her new songs in the thriving, international singer-songwriter community of the city. She has also composed for Channel 4's 4Talent website and scored many short films, including animations, documentaries, comedies, dramas and promotional videos.


You can download a copy of Alice's Soundtrack CV here. Click here to find out more.

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