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Jesus, King of Edessa by Ralph Ellis |

Scota, Egyptian Queen of the Scots. The Grail Cypher. Eden in Egypt. Thoth, Architect of the Universe. Solomon, Pharaoh of Egypt. Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs. K2, Quest of the Gods. How the Mind Uses the Brain. Ralph Ellis. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information.

You submitted the following rating and review. We'll publish them on our site once we've reviewed them. Continue shopping. Item s unavailable for purchase. Please review your cart. For the historical Jesus-character was a king, just as the gospels claim, a valiant king with a large treasury and lofty ambitions to take over the Roman Empire. Which is why Jesus Izas was jailed alongside revolutionaries who had committed murder in the revolution.

Jesus, King of Edessa by Ralph Ellis

Mk Perhaps readers can now see why the gospels were written in the manner they were. Rome did not appreciate revolts in its eastern realms, and sought to quell all thoughts of further unrest. So the martial monarch called King Jesus Izas of Edessa became known to the wider world as a pauper prince of peace, who happily paid his Roman taxes and turned the other cheek.

The industrious Roman propaganda machine that Josephus Flavius had created, had worked like a charm. But perhaps even Emperor Vespasian could not have imagined that upon the back of this temporary Imperial solution to some local unrest, that an entire religion would be born — Christianity. Do you know these languages? Any of these languages? There's a reason scholars are scholars, and amateurs amateurs.

To get a degree in plain-jane Classics you need many years in Greek and Latin, as well as reading ability in French and German, to understand the scholarly literature. Other languages are added on as necessary--e. Here, your Greek has got to be great , and you'd better have at least Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac. Depending on where you're going, reading ability in Armenian, Middle Persian, and so forth would be advisable. These languages aren't even achievements for such a scholar; they're prerequisites.

Speaking as someone who ascended most of that mountain with some extra linguistic hills added, covering my interests , attaining high fluency in at least four languages is exhausting. But it's necessary--and why I restrict myself to reading Greek and Latin privately, and running a company, not doing crazy pseudoscholarship. There are many fields that don't require such learning before any real work is done--can't you go prove that Abraham Lincoln was really Betty Ford, or something? First, there is no Josephus Flavius--the name is Flavius Josephus, that is, in the Roman naming system, his nomen was Flavius and his cognomen Josephus.

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Josephus Flavius sounds like some sort of modern first-name, last-name, but it disrupts the Roman system, and the use of the Flavian nomen , which he took as a freedman of Vespasian. As there is no "Josepha" gens , there is no Josephus nomen. The notion that Paul is Flavius Josephus isn't a question of heresy, but of eye-popping ignorance. There are a thousand ways to prove this isn't so--and zero compelling evidence to believe it is.

Speaking of sources, the Verenna piece quotes you as saying this: "This is a scholarly study of all the available historical evidence, including the Tanakh, Talmud, Josephus Flavius, the Roman historians, and venerable Syriac historians like Moses of Chorene and Yohannes Drasxanakertci. Moses of Chorene and Drasxanakertc'i did not write in Syriac , but in Armenian.

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Armenian, an Indo-European language, is utterly unlike Syriac, a Semitic one. A name like "Drasxanakertc'i" ought to have clued you in! How can we trust your scholarship when you list a half-dozen sources and get the name of one, and the language of two others, wrong? Sheesh Louise! There is no such country as North Sudan. Since we've decided that Adiabene is Osrohene, and Arbella Erbil is Edessa Urfa —that is, two well-known and well-attested cities as far apart as Boston and Philadelphia are the same thing—why should we not create a North Sudan, or a New Sudan, United States of Sudan, or whatever. My late husband used to refer to the Retired Professor Syndrome Yeah, that happens. As scientists tend not to do good work after their 30s, they can "retire" earlier, although they usually just pontificate on the public state, outside their field Dawkins, Tyson, Sagan and indeed Einstein , not attempt actual academic work there.

They cannot demonstrate anything wrong with my thesis Sir, I contend that other members of this board have clearly, repeatedly demonstrated you are mistaken. Your Achilles heel is the language and disregard for scholarship. Speaking from experience, it stings like hell when people adamantly disagree with a theory of mine but that's life. Ralph Ellis, I would like to know better your theory that identifies Jesus and the Syrian King, but in which of your books may I read all your arguments?

I didn't understand this exactly, because there seems to be more than one book of yours on this question.