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Infinitif, to spring. Prétérit, sprang/sprung. Participe passé, sprung. Participe présent (et gérondif), springing. 3ème personne du singulier.

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The dark mood of the last year of American politics inspired a desolate and worried anxiety as I wrote these songs. Read more about the themes of Blood on the snow on this Kickstarter post. In most Kickstarter campaigns, shipping is charged during the campaign and as Kickstarter tells us , "Funds that backers pledge to account for shipping costs will count towards a project's funding goal.

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That wouldn't be good for me. USA: postage is included.


How many is unknown; it really depends on how the album comes together later this year. I asked my backers on Patreon their thoughts, and they were OK knowing the songs might be on the album. It doesn't cover the time or expenses that went into recording. But that's OK.

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Everyone can download it and enjoy the new songs. It'll be available just as soon as it is mastered. Note 4 -- In the past, I've received this message, "I need to wait two weeks 'til I get paid, before I can pledge! Credit cards aren't charged until after the campaign ends! You can certainly pledge now. And you probably should, because I expect these to sell through before the end of the campaign.

Note 5 -- Mexico Postage. In the past, I've had a lot of trouble with mail to Mexico going missing.

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Here are some ideas. Then they can deliver it to you. Expensive, but I've never had a problem with Priority delivery. Either way, postage will be a separate payment via PayPal made after the campaign funds. It is NOT part of the pledge you are making today.

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Blood on the snow page on the Projekt website. Blood on the snow download on Bandcamp. I've run seven Kickstarters; all successfully funded with all premiums fulfilled. I've run the Projekt label and webstore for 33 years; I'm experienced at following through on projects, boxing things up and getting the boxes into the mail.

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  • I have decades of history meeting budgets on over releases including complex limited editions. Back of digipak is signed. Plus everything above. Please read the "Important note on export shipping" to the left. Everything above, plus 4 the lyrics handwritten by Sam. Back of digipak is signed to you personally.

    Jan 1, - Jan 25, 23 days. Waiting, and wondering if there will be another Harry Hole thriller. The wait continues but in the meantime the Norwegian author, and flag bearer for Scandinavian crime fiction , has been doing his own thing.

    Blood on Snow, however, does away with the complexities of a mystery and is pure noir. Pure, bloody, cold, atmospheric and engaging noir. Nor was he any good at pimping. He always felt sorry for the girls. Getaway driver? Rubbish at that too. He shifts units, as he sees it. Olav is the first man he calls. Trouble is, cat-like and full-breasted, she is a sensual woman and Olav falls in love with her. Instead of carrying out his mission, he kills the man who visits Corina during the day for bouts of rough sex.