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Izbicki; Intro. Daniel, David B. Bibliography of the Lutheran Confessions Grane, Leif, The Augsburg Confession Mildenberger, Friedrich, Theology of the Lutheran Confessions Noll, Mark, ed. Schlink, Edmund, Theology of the Lutheran Confessions Sources and Contexts of the Book of Concord , ed.

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Robert Kolb and James Nestigen Wengert, Timothy , Formula for Parish Practice. Using the Formula of Concord in Congregations Descriptive Report. Course Objectives Failure. The Rev. Required Reading: The Book of Concord , eds. Text Responses: Each student will be asked to write a page reflection paper on one question that will be discussed in small groups on the days listed in the syllabus. Midterm Exam: There will be a midterm take-home exam distributed on October 12 th , which will be due to the instructors on October 19 th.

To describe the history and main contributions of each book to the development of the Lutheran Tradition. To articulate the basic principles of Lutheran theology expressed in the BoC. To recognize and understand the different levels of authority that the Book of Concord has had for different churches throughout Lutheran History. The authority, then, comes directly from the text of the Bible Fagerberg , Loc. The Lutheran confessions often argue that practices not required by God cannot be required of humans. Others pertain to public worship practices Fagerberg , Loc.

Another concept which is important to our understanding is that of divine law Fagerberg , Loc. That which is not enjoined by God is not binding, though it may be a perfectly good custom.

Formula of Concord - Concordia

It cannot be required. Fagerberg then turns his attention to the function of the Bible Fagerberg , Loc. The use of the Bible expected in the Confessions is the oral, public reading and preaching. This is how God creates faith Romans Fagerberg , Loc. It is important that the proclamation be consistent with the written content of the Bible Fagerberg , Loc.

Therefore, sound principles of interpretation of the Bible are very important Fagerberg , Loc.

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