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This will give your search engine ranking a boost. Rely on more than one traffic source than just search engines. I recommend having at least four ways that you actively use to drive traffic to your site. That means use SEO but also use at least three other forms of marketing to generate traffic.

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Low quality content and links make you vulnerable to search engine penalties. Make sure every link to your site and every piece of content on your site is of sufficient quality. They are a reflection on your business just as much as your work is. Create your content for people first. Do not put writing for search engines as your number one priority. Once your content is found it needs to engage a person.

And persuade them to do what you want. Improve or remove pages with little content. Having hardly any content on your page leads to visitors spending a short amount of time on your page and probably your site. Just one page with a lot visit time can damage how search engines rank all your keywords. Combine pages with little content together to make them bigger, add content to them or remove them completely. By copying and pasting from another site you risk being penalized by search engines.

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Take the time to create unique, high quality content. Create engaging content. The more interesting your content is the more engage visitors to your site will be. Not only will this mean visitors stay on your site longer and signal to search engines your site is interesting and deserves a higher ranking, it also means you are more likely to develop the visitor into a patient. The more quality content the better. Visitors trust sites with a lot of content.

And search engines reward sites that are packed with quality content. Create a plan to fill your site with good quality content and stick to it. When constructing this plan think about everything a potential dental patient would want to know before joining your practice. Then just give provide this content on your website. Provide video content. Most people engage better with video than text. They reduce the effort needed to engage with your content. And can help increase the amount of time spent on your site and encourage social sharing.

Create Infographics. Like videos infographics are easier to engage with than a price of text.

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And infographics are far more likely to be shared than a plain text article. However, the clicks from organic search engine rankings are more valuable than the clicks through Pay Per Click. If you provide people with content for their own blog they are likely to reward you with a link than if you just ask for one. Promote your own content. Great content is useless unless people can find it. Promote your articles and blog posts. Use social media and email marketing to let people know your content exists.

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Talk to your patients to get keyword ideas. See what phrases they associate with a dentist. Target keywords that have commercial intent. You want to target keywords that generate new patients. Remember you want to generate more money than you spend promoting your keyword.

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Marketing is just getting more money back than you spend promoting your practice. Make use of long-tail keywords. You can rank for longer specific phrases much faster than shorter keywords.

Long-tail keywords also tend to produce a motivated visitor who is looking for something specific. If you help then find what they are looking fort you could be rewarded with a sale. Have a page on your website listing all the resources your site has associated with a specific keyword.

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This is great way for users to find the information they are looking for. And it has the bonus of helping search engines categorise and rank your pages. Use keywords in the correct places. These places are, your urls, title tags, meta description tags, header tags, image file names and your alt tags. Backlinks have a huge impact on your ranking.

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Building backlinks should be an on-going process that you schedule into your Dental SEO strategy. Get backlinks from relevant websites. Search engines want to provide search results which are relevant. Having links from relevant websites and web pages signals to search engines that your content is relevant. There is a relationship between the work you must do to acquire a backlink and its value.

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Low value backlinks require less work than high value backlinks. Buying backlinks can get you punished. Be careful if you decide to purchase backlinks, it can work but has the risk of getting you search engine penalty.